Kirk & Rebecca Hansen, Founders

Kirk Hansen is a highly successful, multi-generational businessman with a lifetime commitment to Kyäni. From a very early age, Kirk Hansen took on special tasks in the family’s small petroleum business. As a young teenager, Kirk was entrusted to perform long-distance deliveries in commercial trucks. He personally built the company’s bulk oil business long before larger competitors could catch on. He led the expansion of the family businesses’ holdings into real estate, restaurants, and hotels. Kirk’s ability to visualize and execute a winning strategy was evident in purchasing a deteriorating property and turning it into one of the nation’s largest rail-to-truck fuel facilities. When Kirk sees an opportunity, he learns new skills to make it happen.

This was the case when Kirk and his wife Rebecca made the decision to found Kyäni. Rebecca says, “I remember we spent a lot of time looking things up, and talking to experts.” Kirk and Rebecca focused their business acumen on making Kyäni a leading force in network marketing. But it’s more than just financial success that makes Kyäni unique. “When you measure yourself in dollars and cents you are using the wrong measurement. Our focus is on the lives we impact.” Kirk and Rebecca are sharing their vision with Kyäni’s Business Partners and inspiring them to achieve their dreams through leadership that keeps Kyäni focused, relevant, and prosperous.

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