Carl & Linda Taylor, Founders

Carl Taylor is a driven innovator who helped grow a simple family farm into one of the largest potato businesses in America with nearly 30,000 acres of cultivated land. He also expanded the business to include one of the finest cattle ranching operations in the country. Carl achieved this successful transformation with thoughtful and forward-thinking investments in land, equipment, and process technology. In fact, he developed new harvesting and sorting processes that are used today throughout the agricultural industry.

Recalling the decision to help found Kyäni, Linda recalls, “This wasn’t something we needed to do for ourselves. This was something we needed to do because it could help people.” To that Carl adds, “A business can’t truly be successful without being charitable as well.” Since Kyäni’s inception, the Taylors have lived up to these ideals by being major contributors to Kyäni’s Caring Hands and Potato Pak programs.

Carl is a strategic and genuine collaborator, known for bringing people and ideas together to forge business relationships. As a Founder, Carl brings a pioneering, cutting-edge mindset to Kyäni and inspires us to innovate and succeed.

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